The chart you see above epitomises the problem that all traders face. Without reference points, the trader cannot possibly predict when the market will change nor can he or she have any idea how long that change will last; the two key decisions upon which all trades are based. Now click the chart and see how, with discipline and knowledge, a trader can watch a situation evolve to a point where a trade can be taken.

There are a plethora of differing strategies available and an amazing number of instruments to trade. TradePatterns has concentrated this huge volume of information into workable strategies which provide considered trade entry and exit points and sensible risk management strategies to deliver the possibility of consistently profitable trading for those with the motivation to learn.

TradePatterns is primarily a trading company but this site is designed to promote its training arm. Few tips will be gained by those scanning the content, instead we want to give a little background information about the trading environment and demonstrate, by uploading thirty or more of our daily trading charts, how it is possible to be consistently profitable while also dealing with the inevitable losses that all traders experience.

By demonstrating success, we hope to encourage those interested in our methodology to get in touch and find out more about the training courses we run.

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